Time and Attendance Software for Colleges and Universities

Ecotime by HBS offers a time and attendance software for colleges, universities, trade schools, and more. This solution exclusively caters to higher education institutions, providing them with the tools to streamline their HR and payroll processes. This customizable software offers schools the ability to oversee various employees–from administration and staff, to student workers , adjuncts, faculty, and security. Our solutions can help your organization run a smooth and efficient operation regardless of the different employment types you have to track. With nearly three decades of expertise and a foundation in industry-leading methods, Ecotime simplifies time and attendance management for colleges and universities.

Current Time-Tracking Challenges


Manual time tracking

Many current solutions are a manual, paper or spreadsheet-based process. This takes valuable time away from your HR and payroll staff. By implementing digital time and attendance software for colleges you can automate overtime and accrual calculations to consistently apply your rules and policies.


Union contracts

Having union employees can cause frustrations when it comes to overtime rules, leave, and more. By having a centralized time and attendance system for your school, you can automate calculations and organize documents while consistently staying within legal guidelines.


Staff growth

Adding seasonal staff–like students–can be a pile of paperwork. However, with a digitized time and attendance solution, your higher education institution can more easily streamline this process. Automatically create timesheets and keep everything paperless for ease of onboarding.


Multiple jobs and approvers

At colleges and universities, employees may have more than one job and require a timesheet that multiple managers will review. Time keeping software allows employees to select their position prior to entering time or vacation and can correctly calculate overtime across multiple jobs.

Benefits of Our Time and Attendance Software for Colleges and Universities


Having a variety of employees–from full time to adjuncts–you need flexibility in your time and attendance software. Manage each group differently based on specific needs and contract details.

Centralized Management

We offer a single platform solution that can manage time and attendance across various groups on campus. From athletics and student workers, to professors and janitorial staff, we have you covered.

Experienced Customer Service

We have been serving colleges and universities for nearly two decades. Even onsite IT needs assistance from time to time. Our US-based customer service team offers support via phone, email, and 24/7 support via our customer portal.

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