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Huntington Business Systems (HBS) began in 1976 as a financial consulting firm called Innovated Management Solutions (IMS). IMS soon began working with a small software development company to design and build a solution that would help automate the payroll time collection process for a large client. Following this and a number of successful joint projects, in 1992, the two companies decided to join forces to create the best time and attendance software company, Huntington Business Systems, Inc.

Today, HBS is helping mid-large-sized companies streamline their time-tracking processes through Ecotime, our Web-based time and attendance management solution. We designed our software products to provide the best functionality, performance, and flexibility in the industry. HBS’s software can handle the most complex payroll policies, overtime rules, edits, and any other unique requirements. Using our financial, consulting, payroll, and project management experience in conjunction with our products, HBS can guarantee successful implementation and 100% client satisfaction.

Our Philosophy


We’ve provided the best time and attendance software to large and mid-sized companies throughout the country. HBS has been operating in various capacities since 1976, and our experts have the breadth of knowledge and experience it takes to help your business thrive.

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Ecotime by HBS has the flexibility to conform to your business’s unique payroll policies, overtime rules, edits, and other requirements. This saves you valuable time, boosts accuracy, and eliminates rework as the solution adapts to changing requirements in real-time.

Customer Service

Our support team includes programmers, consultants, and network professionals who have knowledge of the Ecotime system, inside and out. Additionally, benefit from 24/7 customer support hours, remote troubleshooting, and operators with a vast knowledge of time and attendance technology.

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Our world-class customer service and the incredible flexibility of Ecotime are what sets HBS apart from the rest. We know how important it is for businesses to invest in a solution that can scale up as your business grows and efficiently adapt to changing time and attendance requirements. Additionally, our customers can benefit from knowledgeable operators ready and able to offer support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.