Streamlined Employee Time Tracking for Hospitals, Medical Centers, and More

Addressing the unique staffing challenges inherent in healthcare can be a difficult task. HBS understands the need for tailored scheduling and the different rules and policies for employee groups within hospitals, medical centers, and skilled nursing facilities (SNF). Our specialized solution offers comprehensive employee time tracking for hospitals to take the heavy lift off the HR and payroll department. Our software is designed to provide the flexibility and functionality required by healthcare organizations. Enabling them to automate various time and attendance tasks for employees, managers, and administrators. By leveraging time and attendance for medical centers, healthcare professionals can streamline operations. Saving time and increasing accuracy, ultimately allowing for a more concentrated effort on optimizing patient care and achieving positive outcomes.

Hospital Time-Tracking Challenges and Solutions

24-7 Staffing needs

A hospital is always open, and staff is constantly rotating. You need a way to quickly, and digitally, manage shifting schedules, overtime, and union regulations. Our employee time tracking for hospitals can help streamline this process by calculating all hours in one single-entry system. Leaving more time for patient care and less time updating schedules and timesheets.

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Streamlining processes

You need an intuitive and easy to use time and attendance solution that simplifies emergency room, inpatient and skilled nursing facility processes. This is essential when dealing with different departments and groups within the same healthcare entity. With so much going on in a hospital setting, scheduling time off and verifying overtime should be the least of your staff’s concerns.

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Managing multiple groups

With so many groups within the hospital setting, your HR and payroll department needs intuitive software. Allow our time and attendance for a medical center's solution to help. Your team can create user profiles, ensuring that employees only encounter codes relevant to their responsibilities. Users can precisely allocate their time to the appropriate department or research grant, optimizing resource utilization.

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Go digital to save time

Having all your employees' tracking times in the same system is always ideal. But sometimes, with remote workers, per diem staff, and hourly vs. salaried employees it can sometimes be hard. Our solution allows you to streamline all time and attendance into one, single solution. Regardless of how your employees document their time-wall clock, web clock, desktop, or mobile-Ecotime has you covered.

Benefits of an Employee Time Tracking for Hospitals, Medical Centers, Outpatient Clinics, and SNFs


Ecotime stands out with its exceptional flexibility. Enabling you to customize our time and attendance tracking system to accommodate every employee. It provides self-service options for employees and automates tasks, leading to enhanced efficiency and cost savings.


We seamlessly expand alongside your organization. Facilitating the addition of new employee groups, establishment of fresh rules and permissions, adjustment to evolving regulations, and customization of timekeeping methods. No matter if you have 500 or 100,000 employees.

Customer Service

The customer support team at HBS is based in the U.S. and has a level of unmatched and extensive experience. We are available round-the-clock to provide assistance with technical issues and address any queries you may have. Our top priority is the success of your time and attendance solution.