Time and Attendance Software for Educational Institutions

Ecotime by HBS offers a time and attendance software for colleges, universities, trade schools and more. This solution caters to both secondary and higher education institutions, providing them with the tools to streamline their HR and payroll processes. This customizable software offers schools the ability to oversee various employees–from administration and staff, to student workers, adjuncts, faculty, food service, maintenance, janitorial, security, teaching staff, on-call, and security. Our solutions can help your organization run a smooth and efficient operation regardless of the different employment types you have to track. With nearly three decades of expertise and a foundation in industry-leading methods, Ecotime simplifies time and attendance management for educational institutions.

Overcome Education Time-Tracking Challenges


Manual time tracking

Many current solutions are a manual, paper or spreadsheet-based process. This takes valuable time away from your HR and payroll staff. By implementing digital time and attendance software for colleges you can automate overtime and accrual calculations to consistently apply your rules and policies.

Configurability and adaptability

Requirements and laws are always changing and are often implemented retroactively. Ecotime time and attendance for schools applies and recalculates historical changes with just a few clicks, keeping your school in compliance and accurately calculating pay.

No constraints on rules or policies

With Ecotime time and attendance software for schools, pay and accrual rules can vary by employee classification or bargaining unit without a limit on the number of rules you can create in the software, making compliance with regulations and agreements easier.


Union contracts

Having union employees can cause frustrations when it comes to overtime rules, leave, and more. By having a centralized time and attendance system for your school, you can automate calculations and organize documents while consistently staying within legal guidelines.

Benefits of Ecotime Time and Attendance Software for Educational Institutions


Schools and universities offer many services under one roof and need flexibility in their time and attendance solution to meet the demands of their operations. Ecotime meets those needs with one solution.


Ecotime scales easily as your organization and workforce grows. Our time and attendance software for schools also makes it easy to roll out Ecotime one department at a time and has no limits on the policies and number of employee profiles you can create.

Customer Service

Your administrators in IT, HR, and payroll can reach out to HBS’s experienced, U.S.-based customer support team at any time for technical support, software information, and other assistance whenever needed, 24/7.

Our Clients

Here’s What Our Clients Have to Say

Learn More About Ecotime by HBS

With Ecotime, schools and universities can simplify processes, save valuable time, and optimize their staff. Learn more about our solution with this company overview brochure.

Ecotime in Action

University of California, San Francisco

UCSF Campus, School of Medicine and Health

The UCSF installation has over 25,000 active employees with very complex business and overtime rules. Ecotime addressed challenges through specially designed web-based timesheets for exempt and non-exempt employees.

University of California, San Diego

UCSD Campus, School of Medicine and Health

Through a strategic consolidation, UCSD eliminated over 11 timekeeping systems and now has nearly 30,000 employees using Ecotime. This fulfilled one of their strategic goals to move away from building and maintaining home-grown systems to implementing more stable, secure SaaS solutions.