Time and Attendance Solutions for Energy Companies

HBS knows energy companies can have employees in offices, at refineries, on oil rigs, and in the field all over the world. Our Ecotime mobile time and attendance software platform, based on nearly three decades of experience and industry best practices, allows you to build timekeeping seamlessly into your teams’ workflows. Ecotime is also configurable and customizable, to address the specific way you manage your employees while increasing accuracy and efficiency.

Overcome Energy Industry Time-Tracking Challenges


Job costing

The energy industry is project-driven and often requires employees to categorize their work by location, project number, cost center, or any other organization-specific categories. Ecotime allows you to use familiar terminology and only display employee-relevant options greatly improving accuracy.

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Compliance with state regulations

Many states, particularly California, have unique regulations governing overtime, prevailing wage, and breaks. These regulations impact pay for employees who work in different jurisdictions. Ecotime allows you to set rules based on location so timesheets are correct.


Union employees

Companies with union employees must comply with collective bargaining agreements, and those agreements can change over time. Ecotime has no limit to the number of policies or agreements it can administer, so calculations are always accurate.


Multiple forms of data entry

Ecotime enables your employees to enter time using methods that align with their jobs, such as entering time at their desks on a web-based clock, punching in on a physical time clock, using a mobile solution, or manually entering data.

Benefits of Ecotime Mobile Time and Attendance Software for Energy Companies


Ecotime leads the energy industry in flexibility. You can create unlimited profiles, set user permissions based on role, and generate the reports that each department needs. You can also configure the software to support your processes and manage all employee groups from a single platform.


Ecotime can grow with your organization. You can easily adapt the solution as projects and the number of people in your workforce change, making it a valuable tool for the long term.

Customer Service

HBS backs Ecotime time and attendance software for oil and gas companies with round-the-clock, U.S.-based support. Our team is committed to helping you optimize your system and providing assistance when you need it most.

Learn More About Ecotime by HBS

With Ecotime, energy companies can simplify processes, save valuable time, and optimize their staff. Learn more about our solution with this company overview brochure.

Our Clients

Ecotime in Action

University of California, San Francisco

UCSF HealthSchool of Medicine and Campus

The UCSF installation has over 25,000 active employees with very complex business and overtime rules. Ecotime addressed challenges through specially designed web-based timesheets for exempt and non-exempt employees.

University of California, San Diego

UCSD Health, School of Medicine and Campus

Through a strategic consolidation, UCSD eliminated over 11 timekeeping systems and now has nearly 30,000 employees using Ecotime. This fulfilled one of their strategic goals to move away from building and maintaining home-grown systems to implementing more stable, secure SaaS solutions.