Mobile Time and Attendance Application

At Ecotime by HBS, we understand the challenges encountered by businesses with remote or field workers. From construction and energy to agriculture, our mobile time and attendance software is a versatile solution designed to your specific needs. Whether your employees are traveling to clients, dispersed across construction sites or farming fields, our platform is built to help you manage efficiently. With a focus on seamless integration and customization, our mobile time tracking app offers a streamlined approach to time collection.

Mobile Time and Attendance Challenges and Solutions

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Geo fencing

Rest easy knowing your employees' attendance is accurately tracked with our mobile application. Utilize geo fencing capabilities to establish designated areas around project sites. Allowing employees to clock in or out only when within the specific geo-targeted zone. This feature ensures the integrity of timekeeping by preventing clock-ins or outs from outside the job site, promoting honesty in time reporting.

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Offline mode

Remote employees sometimes face challenges logging time with no cell reception. Our mobile time and attendance solution tackles this hurdle with an offline mode. Allowing employees to seamless track time even in locations without service. The software accepts data in offline mode, ensuring that time entries are captured and effortlessly syncs with the system once a connection is reestablished.


Multiple locations

Managing remote employees navigating multiple job sites poses a challenge in accurate time tracking for each project. Our innovative software addresses this complexity by dynamically configuring employees' locations. Streamlining time logging across diverse job sites. Compatible with both company and personal mobile devices, our solution ensures efficient and precise time management for remote team members in any industry.


Job costing

Your mobile employees can encounter challenges in categorizing their work based on location, project number, or cost center. Our solution simplifies this process with intuitive job and project coding. Allowing employees to easily identify and classify their work. Whether distinguishing between clients A and B or differentiating tasks like construction versus analysis. Our software ensures accurate and streamlined project categorization for the whole team.

Benefits of Mobile Time Tracking Software


Unleash the power of a flexible mobile time and attendance tracking. Create unlimited profiles, set role-based user permissions, and generate custom reports for each job. Tailor the software to match your unique processes, offering a unified platform for efficient management of employees across diverse project locations. Enhance productivity and streamline operations seamlessly.


Experience the advantages of a scalable mobile time tracking software. Ecotime can grow with your organization, adapting effortlessly to changes in project details, geographical area, and workforce size. Ensure long-term value in your area of business, whether it be construction or agriculture, with Ecotime's proven adaptability and reliability.

Customer Service

Unlock the full potential of your mobile time and attendance solution with HBS's outstanding customer support. Ecotime mobile time tracking software offers a 24/7 U.S.-based assistance ensuring you receive dedicated help whether in the office or on a job site. Allowing you to optimize your system with confidence and efficiency.


We service all industries, including the following sectors. Our cloud-based time and attendance software will help you streamline processes for both employees and managers.