Cloud-Based Time and Attendance Software that Gives Administrators Real Flexibility

Each business or organization has its own approach to paying employees, so your cloud-based time and attendance software needs to adapt to your policies and procedures. Ecotime, based on HBS’s 30 years of industry experience provides you with unparalleled flexibility, allowing you to configure the system to support your processes and workflows. The system allows you to create profiles based on user roles, so employees see and access only relevant data. Additionally, you can quickly reconfigure our cloud-based time and attendance system when new regulations go into effect, saving you the time and expense of costly upgrades. If your organization has truly unique requirements, the HBS team can customize the system to meet your needs.

Benefits of Our Online Time and Attendance Software

Low Total Cost of Ownership

Configure the system to support future policies or regulations rather than customizing or replacing it.


Each employee can review time, pay codes, and other personalized data to catch errors early.


An authorized administrator can easily configure the system without the assistance of the HBS team.

Customer Service

U.S.-based customer service is just a phone call away to provide answers and technical support.


Ecotime is likely the most adaptable and robust online time and attendance system on the market.


Ecotime cloud-based time and attendance software conforms to the way you do business, not the other way around.

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Discover how our time and attendance system can adapt with changing requirements and give you the accuracy you need.

Ecotime Delivers Must-Have SaaS Time and Attendance System Features

Rule Configurations

Ecotime allows you to create an unlimited number of pay rules, accrual calculations, pay periods, pay codes, rounding rules, and more to automate compliance with your organization’s policies and collective bargaining agreements.

Profile Definitions

Create an unlimited number of profiles for different sets of employees for timesheets, pay codes, accruals, overtime, on-call, and shift differential requirements specific to your organization. Manage exempt and nonexempt employees compliantly.

Access Control

One of the most powerful features of Ecotime’s cloud-based time and attendance software is the ability to grant access to features, functions, and data based on each employee’s needs. Automate time and attendance processes while protecting sensitive data and employees’ privacy.

Accruals Module

This feature allows accurate accounting of time off that employees earn for vacation or PTO based on flexible tables with fields, including frequency, length of service, and maximum balances. It accurately tracks accruals, even for the most complex organizations.

Web Reporting Module

Administrators have the ability to create, run, and export reports in their preferred formats. Ecotime offers 11 categories of reports from employee profiles, overtime, accruals, and scheduling to security, compliance, and audit trail reports.

Alerts and Messaging

Ecotime can automatically deliver messages via web, text, or email, triggered by events that you define. When situations or conditions require your attention, Ecotime’s cloud-based time and attendance software will keep you informed.


We service all industries, including the following sectors. Our cloud-based time and attendance software will help you streamline processes for both employees and managers.