Employee Time Tracking for Manufacturing Companies

HBS understands the time-tracking needs of manufacturing companies,  where employees are dispersed across various sites, offices, and field locations. Our mobile time and attendance platform is tailored to seamlessly integrate timekeeping into the diverse workflows of construction teams. We recognize the mobility needs inherent in construction projects. That’s why we’ve designed a highly configurable and customizable software, allowing you to address the specific nuances of managing your workforce. By implementing our employee time tracking for construction, you can enhance accuracy and ensure a streamlined approach across all construction environments.

Manufacturing Time-Tracking Challenges and Solutions


Project costing

In the construction industry, employees are required to categorize their work based on location, project number, task, or cost center. Our employee time tracking for construction empowers you to customize views, ensuring that only employee-relevant options are displayed in the app. Significantly enhancing accuracy in categorizing and tracking work in alignment with the unique demands of construction projects.

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Geo fencing projects

Never worry about if an employee is onsite when they clock in or out. With our mobile application, you can set up geo fencing around a project site so employees can only clock in or out once within the geo targeted area. Ensuring your employees are staying honest with their time, and you aren’t paying out for unneeded expenses.


State regulations

In the construction industry, various states enforce distinct regulations concerning overtime, prevailing wage, and breaks. These regulations directly influence compensation based on different jurisdictions. We are tailored for the construction sector, so you gain the ability to establish location-specific rules. This feature ensures that timesheets are accurate and allows your construction team to comply with state-specific requirements effortlessly.


Union contracts

Construction firms with unionized employees face the challenge of complying with dynamic collective bargaining agreements. Specifically designed for the construction industry, we offer flexibility by accommodating an unlimited number of policies or agreements. This ensures precise and up-to-date calculations, allowing construction companies to seamlessly adapt and automate their complex pay.

Benefits of Ecotime Mobile Time Tracking Software for Manufacturing Companies


Discover how you can create limitless profiles, establish user permissions according to roles, and generate tailored reports catering to specific requirements of each job. Our software is also customizable, allowing you to align it with your unique processes. Provides a unified platform to efficiently manage all employees across various construction projects.


In the construction sector, Ecotime is designed to scale alongside your organization. It offers seamless adaptability, allowing you to easily adjust to accommodate changes in projects and the size of your workforce. This quality makes Ecotime a valuable and enduring tool for long-term use in the dynamic environment of construction.

Customer Service

HBS supports Ecotime tracking software for construction companies by offering 24/7, U.S.-based assistance. Our dedicated team is committed to helping you optimize your system and providing support right when you need it, whether that be in the office or on a construction site.