Flexible Healthcare Time and Attendance Software

HBS understands that staffing healthcare facilities adequately around the clock takes different rules and policies for scheduling a range of employee groups. Our Ecotime time and attendance software for healthcare is designed with the flexibility and functionality healthcare organizations need. Ecotime also enables you to automate many time and attendance tasks for employees, managers, and administrators, saving time and increasing accuracy. With Ecotime, you can spend more time focused on patient care and positive outcomes.

Overcome Healthcare Time-Tracking Challenges

24-hour operations

Healthcare organizations never stop and often have multiple unions and complex overtime and shift differential rules. Our healthcare time and attendance software calculates all hours in the moment, so employees can spend more time with patients, not timesheets.


There is enough complexity in healthcare and entering time or vacation doesn’t need to add to it. Ecotime is intuitive, easy to learn, and simply deployed across multiple employee groups, including office staff, technicians, nurses, travelers, and medical staff.

Cost centers and departments

In healthcare, budgets are tight, and labor is one of the highest costs. Ecotime allows users to select the right department or research grant to charge their time. With healthcare time and attendance software, you can create user profiles, so employees only see codes relevant to them. This reduces errors and re-work.

Multiple forms of data entry

Whether employees most efficiently enter time by punching a time clock, using a web-based clock, logging time on a mobile device, calling in through an IVR system or manually entering time, Ecotime allows you to manage their time and attendance from a single solution.

Benefits of Ecotime Healthcare Time and Attendance Software


Ecotime’s unparalleled flexibility allows you to configure the system for accurate time and attendance for each employee, give employees self-service options, and automate tasks for greater efficiency and administrative cost savings.


Ecotime easily scales with your organization, allowing you to add new employee groups, set new rules and permissions, adapt to changing regulations, and configure timekeeping methods for 500 or 100,000 employees.

Customer Service

HBS’s experienced, U.S.-based customer support team offers 24/7 assistance with technical issues, Ecotime software information, or answers to your questions. HBS makes our customers’ success with Ecotime a priority.

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