The Cloud-Based Time and Attendance System for Any Industry

Our cloud-based time and attendance system meets the needs of multiple industries since it configures to your processes. Whether you pay weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, semi-monthly or have some combination, Ecotime can handle it. Have bargaining agreements, complex accruals, 9/80 schedules or unique overtime rules, not a problem. Our system also integrates with any HR or payroll system making system consolidation easy. Run one time and attendance solution across your whole enterprise, even after acquisitions.

Solve Your Time and Attendance Challenges

Poor customer support

Poor customer support

Are you unhappy with your current vendor? Does it take too long to get a response to a question? Ecotime by HBS offers excellent support from a team who is familiar with your setup. We never ship you overseas.

Just need to modernize

Just need to modernize

Do you still have some employees using paper timesheets? Are you using a homegrown system that is barely supported? Now is the perfect time to update your systems and take advantage of a hosted solution.

Broken processes

Broken processes

Is there undo stress in the payroll department every pay period? Does your current staff need to jump through hoops to produce an accurate payroll file? Save time by using software that simplifies processes and works for you, not against you.

Too many workarounds

Too many workarounds

Can your system handle your complexity? Can it adapt quickly to changing regulations without costly customizations? Ecotime by HBS automates calculations, so employees get paid right every time. If a prior period adjustment is needed, Ecotime will recalculate all prior periods and deliver the net-effect to the next cycle.

Benefits of Our Cloud-Based Time and Attendance System


Ecotime is an exceptionally versatile system that empowers you to customize it to suit the time and attendance needs of your unique business, offer your employees self-service alternatives, and streamline tasks to enhance productivity and reduce administrative costs.


Our cloud-based time and attendance system can expand alongside your organization, enabling you to establish fresh adjustments, adjust to evolving regulatory requirements, and tailor timekeeping methods to accommodate anywhere from 500 to 100,000 employees.

Customer Service

We place a strong emphasis on ensuring customer success with Ecotime. To that end, our knowledgeable customer support team, located in the United States, is available around-the-clock to assist you with any technical issues or Ecotime software-related queries.

Our Clients

Time and Attendance System FAQ

EcoTime by HBS is a cloud-based time and attendance system designed to meet the needs of multiple industries. It’s highly configurable to align with your specific processes, whether you have complex schedules, unique overtime rules, or bargaining agreements. The system integrates seamlessly with any HR or payroll system, ensuring smooth consolidation across your entire enterprise.

EcoTime is versatile and can manage various pay schedules, including weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, semi-monthly, or any combination thereof. Its flexibility ensures that regardless of how you structure your payroll, EcoTime can adapt to meet your needs, providing accurate and reliable time and attendance tracking.

Yes, EcoTime is designed to handle complex schedules such as 9/80 arrangements and intricate accruals. The system’s configurability allows it to manage unique scheduling requirements and accrual policies, ensuring that all employee hours and leave balances are tracked accurately and efficiently.

EcoTime can easily accommodate bargaining agreements. The system is built to adapt to various labor agreements, ensuring compliance with negotiated terms and conditions, including unique overtime rules and other specific provisions outlined in collective bargaining agreements.

EcoTime integrates seamlessly with any HR or payroll system, making it easier to consolidate your time and attendance data with your existing systems. This integration simplifies payroll processing, reduces administrative burden, and ensures that all systems work together harmoniously.

Yes, EcoTime is designed to be scalable and can be deployed across multiple locations, including newly acquired entities. This capability ensures that you can run a single, unified time and attendance solution across your entire enterprise, regardless of geographic distribution or changes in organizational structure.

Beyond flexibility in hours, advanced time and attendance systems offer insightful data analytics, empowering managers to identify patterns, bottlenecks, and optimization opportunities. This includes recognizing peak energy periods for creative tasks and understanding fluctuations in collaborative efforts throughout the day. Armed with this knowledge, teams can synchronize schedules and efforts, ensuring collective energy drives productivity peaks rather than dissipates in low-impact activities. Transitioning to such a flexible approach significantly elevates work quality and timeliness, fostering a ripple effect of positive outcomes across the organization.

EcoTime accurately calculates overtime by configuring to your specific rules and regulations. Whether you have standard overtime policies or unique rules due to bargaining agreements, EcoTime ensures that all overtime hours are tracked and calculated correctly, preventing errors and ensuring compliance.

Real-time updates and analytics play another critical role. Offering immediate feedback on time allocation to team members enables productivity adjustments, while providing managers with a comprehensive view of progress facilitates informed decision-making. Real-time data is fundamental to adaptive project management, allowing teams to remain agile and respond to changes without sacrificing deliverable quality. Customizable scheduling and real-time updates form a robust framework for timekeeping, catering to diverse needs while ensuring reliability and efficiency in project execution.

EcoTime is highly versatile and suitable for multiple industries. Its ability to configure to diverse processes, pay schedules, and complex requirements makes it an ideal solution for businesses in various sectors, including manufacturing, healthcare, education, and more.

Adaptability is key to time clock evolution, manifested in their integration with various business management tools. From remote tracking to payroll integration and predictive analytics, modern time clocks offer advanced features tailored to evolving business needs. Flexibility and customization are central; companies can choose systems aligning with industry requirements, team sizes, and growth projections. Cloud-based solutions facilitate effortless scalability, while advanced security measures prevent time theft and ensure data integrity. As businesses navigate growth and changing team dynamics, time clocks emerge as pivotal tools, shaping the future of workspaces by sculpting efficient and adaptable operational frameworks.

EcoTime supports system consolidation by integrating with existing HR and payroll systems. This integration allows you to manage all time and attendance data within a single platform, streamlining processes, reducing redundancy, and enhancing overall efficiency across your enterprise.

Effective communication and technical preparation are crucial during integration. Involving key stakeholders early fosters engagement and addresses concerns, while tailored training ensures proficiency across departments. Data compatibility and secure migration strategies are paramount technically, with rigorous testing mitigating disruptions pre-launch. Post-integration, feedback collection and continuous support optimize system functionality, fostering a culture of improvement.

Using EcoTime for time and attendance management offers numerous benefits, including enhanced accuracy in tracking hours, seamless integration with HR and payroll systems, flexibility to handle complex schedules and pay rules, and scalability to support multiple locations and organizational changes. These features help improve compliance, reduce administrative workload, and ensure reliable payroll processing.

In summary, implementing a time and attendance system with unmatched flexibility enhances productivity, reliability, and adaptability within teams, shaping a future where seamless integration and user-centric design drive operational excellence.