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Employees prefer self-service options when they need to check their timesheets or their eligibility for time off. And busy HR managers and team leaders prefer giving employees autonomy, too. Ecotime time and attendance tracking software allows employees to log in securely to review and edit their timesheets, request time off, create FMLA events, and receive messages and notifications. Ecotime also supports multiple data entry methods, including web entry, web clock, electronic time clock, interactive voice response (IVR), and mobile devices.

Our time and attendance tracking software also gives managers a centralized system to review and approve timesheets and time off, spot errors or pending overtime, and quickly complete other tasks to manage their teams, all with minimal training. Managers can also delegate tasks to reduce bottlenecks and delays when they’re out of the office.

Time-Tracking Software Benefits

Increased Accuracy

Increased Accuracy

Employees have visibility into records allowing them to catch and correct errors early.
Less Rework

Less Rework

Time clock software functionality streamlines processes and minimizes data entry errors.


We apply the payrules and accrual policies relevant to each employee so calculations are automated and correct.

Centralized Management

Managers handle employee requests through a single portal, consolidating information into one place.


Ecotime can automatically notify employees of pending tasks as deadlines approach.



Our system is designed to ensure compliance with regulations including FMLA and CFRA.

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Features of Our Industry-Leading Time and Attendance Tracking Software

Leave Request Module

Employees and managers can work together to plan time off that validates requests against the time remaining for each employee. Submissions are easy with a calendar function that automatically notifies supervisors of requests.

History Module

Employees and Managers can see historical timesheets calculated based on the rules when they were submitted. This module maintains a daily record of each employee’s transactions, providing you with an audit trail of time, dates, and changes, with no limit to how long you collect and store data.

Manager Dashboard

Efficiently track approved timesheets, the percentage of those pending approval, and view timesheets with warnings or errors. The manager dashboard also allows supervisors to communicate directly with staff to request clarifications or changes.

FMLA Module

Automate Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) compliance requirements with this module that tracks requests, verifies employee eligibility, and communicates requests to your human resources department. It notifies the employee and plan administrator if the information isn’t complete and tracks all steps in the approval or denial process using any organizational-specific forms.

Prior Period Adjustment Module

Authorized personnel can leverage this feature to make changes to employee timesheets that have already been processed by the payroll system. It maintains a record of the original and corrected timesheets, calculates the difference and creates an adjusting transaction for processing during the next pay cycle.







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