Government Employee Time and Attendance, Simplified

The wide array of services that your municipality, county, or state provides requires time and attendance software that captures data accurately — from the animal control department to health services, employment services, landscaping, maintenance, tax/financial, utilities, child protection, and first responders. With nearly 30 years of experience providing government employee time and attendance software, our team can quickly configure our Ecotime software to support your operation with the ease of use and efficiency you and your staff needs.

Overcome Government Time-Tracking Challenges

Eliminate paper timesheets

Many government agencies and departments still use paper-based time-tracking. With government employee time and attendance software, transition to digital processes that are better for the environment and quicker and easier for your employees.

Meets the needs of first responders

County and local governments employ first responders that have complex schedules and overtime rules. Ecotime is designed with the functionality that allows you to manage time and attendance for this valued group of employees.

Multiple requirements

With employees working at desks, in maintenance facilities, in warehouses, and in the field, each employee group has unique time and attendance requirements. Ecotime offers the flexibility to meet all of your government time-tracking needs with one solution.


Multiple forms of data entry

With Ecotime, employees can enter time in a variety of ways. Whether they need to punch in or out on a physical time clock, manually enter their hours, submit time via a tablet, or enter a job or cost center, Ecotime has a solution.

Benefits of Ecotime Government Employee Time and Attendance


Ecotime is flexible, enabling you to create profiles, user permissions, and government time and attendance reports for each department and employee group. Furthermore, it’s easily configurable, so when regulations or your workforce changes, Ecotime will continue to provide value.


Whether your municipality, county, or agency employs 500 or 10,000 people in various roles, Ecotime gives you an efficient way to manage time and attendance. Our software also makes it easy to add and remove temporary or part-time seasonal employees.

Customer Service

HBS is committed to ensuring your success with Ecotime. Our U.S.-based customer support team is available 24/7 to provide you with industry-leading technical support, product information, and assistance when needed.

Our Clients

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Learn More About Ecotime by HBS

With Ecotime, government-sector businesses can simplify processes, save valuable time, and optimize their staff. Learn more about our solution with this company overview brochure.

Ecotime in Action

Contra Costa County, Employee Health Services Department

HBS helped EHSD, one of the largest departments in the county, comply with a 9/80 pay plan and employees in several unions with complex agreements while using a semi-monthly pay cycle. With minimal changes, Ecotime government employee time and attendance software was able to address this unique situation, and is now a part of our standard solution.