Optimize Time Keeping with Electronic and Web Employee Time Clocks

Ecotime gives you an easy way to automate time and attendance data collection with our full-featured employee time clocks. With Ecotime, you have the flexibility to log in using the most convenient and secure method, including magnetic swipe, proximity, or biometric identity authentication. In addition to punching in and out, time clock software can also capture additional information, such as cost center, job number, or other fields you define. You can also configure Ecotime to allow employees to access data, like their time worked and vacation, sick, or PTO balances.

Ecotime Benefits

Electronic and Web Options

Your employees can clock in on electronic wall clocks, PC workstations, or a combination.

Offline Capabilities

Ecotime’s employee time clock systems can collect time data, even during a power outage.

Head Count

Time clocks track employees at a physical location, giving employers visibility into who is onsite.


With biometric ID options, buddy punching and time theft are a thing of the past.


Our electronic employee time clocks are designed for years of service in harsh commercial environments.

Customer Service

You have the assurance of U.S.-based customer service available to provide assistance when needed.

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Key Features of Ecotime Wall-Mounted Time Clocks

Multiple Power Options

You have the option to power clocks via an electrical outlet, Power over Ethernet (PoE), and battery backup for uninterrupted use. With this flexibility, you can ensure your time clocks are always operational.

Management Software

Ecotime time clock software enables you to easily manage electronic time clocks and control the flow of data. The software also allows you to control clock functionality.

Low Maintenance

Our electronic time clocks are easy to roll out, configure and maintain, and they’re backed by HBS’s industry-leading customer service to provide you with assistance if issues arise.

Key Features of Ecotime Web Clocks

No Physical Limitations

Ecotime’s Web Clock gives you all the functionality of our electronic time clocks without requiring employees to punch in on a centralized wall-mounted time clock – all they need is a web browser.

Expanded Data Capture Capabilities

In addition to clock-ins and clock-outs, Web Clock can capture additional information, including time spent on different jobs or tasks and other data for accurate accounting. Users can access many features of the Ecotime system.

User-Friendly Features

Ecotime’s Web Clock makes clocking in and out fast and easy, with features such as single sign-on.


Our time clocks have the capability to streamline operations for businesses in all industries, including the following:






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