Ensure Time-Savings and Compliance With FMLA Software

Federal Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) and state regulations such as the California Family Rights Act (CFRA) are a challenge to follow. Each act has specific regulations and timelines for compliance. The Ecotime system includes an FMLA software module that streamlines the leave approval and document submission process.

Ecotime FMLA Software Module Benefits

Eligibility Verification

Ecotime’s FMLA tracking solution automatically verifies an employee’s eligibility for these benefits.

Employee Self-Service

You can choose to allow employees to initiate event requests without a manager’s assistance.

Request Notifications

To streamline FMLA leave management, Ecotime automatically notifies a manager and/or the FMLA Administrator of requests.

Automated Submission

Ecotime distributes all required documentation and tracks return dates and approvals.

Time Balance Tracking

Our software manages employee balances across multiple accrual buckets for the greatest accuracy.

Leave Tracking

Plan administrators can define and track all leave events and maximums over a time period.

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Features of the Best FMLA Tracking Software


Our FMLA management software automates the entire process, from an employee’s request, eligibility verification, routing requests to FMLA administrators, and keeping approvals and notifications on track.

Document Generation

Ecotime’s FMLA solution generates forms for the employee and customized reports to assist administrators as they manage the FMLA leave approval process. The system also tracks form completion and sends reminders as deadlines approach.


Ecotime Family Medical Leave Act software generates reports for administrators and human resources on FMLA eligibility, usage, and statistics. The system can also be configured to provide notifications to payroll administrators, supervisors, and managers.


Ecotime can streamline processes for all businesses, including the healthcare, education, government, and oil and gas sectors.




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