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Businesses with complex operations can spend hours preparing accurate time and attendance data used to pay its employees. Payroll Managers oftentimes make necessary adjustments since their software falls short. Ecotime is the time and attendance system that eliminates the hours spent sorting records, making adjustments, and ensuring FMLA compliance by streamlining the whole process. We produce a more accurate payroll file making certain employees are paid correctly the first time.

Ecotime contains the complex functionality and flexibility necessary to adapt to the way you work. It eliminates workarounds, like downloading data and manual entry, to get payroll right. Additionally, Ecotime integrates with any Payroll system to manage even the most complex policies. And, if you encounter a problem, you can count on HBS’s industry-leading customer service team to help you address it quickly. Get payroll in on time, every time.

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HBS offers a time and attendance solution suite that increases efficiency for your entire workforce

Ecotime for Employees and Managers

Give your team the benefits of self-service, providing employees access to their timesheets and balances. Supervisors benefit from a consolidated dashboard to make approvals, schedule staff and review anomalies to catch errors early.

Ecotime for Administrators

Our flexible, configurable time and attendance system quickly adheres to changing regulations and allows you to apply the pay rules that match your organization’s policies. Avoid costly customizations that will slow you down.


Simplify FMLA and state regulations like CFRA with a software module that automates document generation, submission tracking, and approvals. Streamline the whole process making leave tracking easy from start to finish.

Time Clocks

Choose electronic time clocks, a web clock, or a combination for efficient, accurate, and reliable time collection. Our clocks are durable and come with many features, including biometric entry and back-up power supply.

Benefits of Our Time and Attendance Software


Ecotime is highly configurable. It allows you to create profiles, user permissions, notifications, and reports that support your organization and your workflows. We never make you compromise on the functionality your business needs.


Powerful and scalable, Ecotime can grow with your organization. Our software is helping organizations, across multiple industries, operate over state lines with varying bargaining agreements.

Robust Features

Users discover that HBS has designed our time and attendance system to address common challenges and users’ needs down to the last detail. With Ecotime, you’ll automate more of your timekeeping and employee management processes.

Customer Service

The answers to your questions and technical support are just a phone call or email away. Our knowledgeable, U.S.-based customer support team is ready to offer assistance when you need it.


EcoTime by HBS is designed to meet the needs of a wide range of industries, including healthcare, retail, hospitality, manufacturing, and more. If your business relies on accurate time and attendance tracking, EcoTime by HBS can help streamline your processes.

Yes, EcoTime by HBS is equipped with features to help ensure your company remains compliant with labor laws and regulations. From overtime calculations to break time tracking, EcoTime by HBS can help you avoid costly fines and penalties.

Yes, EcoTime by HBS offers mobile access for employees who need to clock in or out remotely, access balances, certify and approve timesheets and even submit a leave request. Whether your employees are working in the field or from home, EcoTime by HBS allows for seamless time tracking from any location.

Yes, EcoTime by HBS is customizable to accommodate different types of work schedules and shifts. Whether your employees work traditional 9-5 hours or have rotating shifts, EcoTime by HBS can be tailored to meet your specific needs.

No, EcoTime by HBS is designed for easy integration with a variety of existing systems. Our team of experts can help facilitate a smooth implementation process and ensure that EcoTime by HBS seamlessly integrates with your current software and workflows.

 By embracing flexibility in employee time tracking, teams embark on a transformative journey toward heightened productivity and efficiency. This approach transcends mere modernization; it revolutionizes traditional practices, empowering each team member to commence work at their peak energy moment and align tasks with natural productivity rhythms. With this autonomy, employees can navigate life’s unpredictabilities without compromising their responsibilities, fostering a profound sense of ownership and accountability. Unlike the outdated one-size-fits-all attendance model, this flexibility acknowledges diverse work habits and preferences, which, when harnessed, lead to breakthrough results.

Beyond flexibility in hours, advanced time and attendance systems offer insightful data analytics, empowering managers to identify patterns, bottlenecks, and optimization opportunities. This includes recognizing peak energy periods for creative tasks and understanding fluctuations in collaborative efforts throughout the day. Armed with this knowledge, teams can synchronize schedules and efforts, ensuring collective energy drives productivity peaks rather than dissipates in low-impact activities. Transitioning to such a flexible approach significantly elevates work quality and timeliness, fostering a ripple effect of positive outcomes across the organization.

Timekeeping for teams with diverse schedules and project demands demands a blend of precision, flexibility, and insight. A paramount feature bolstering reliability in this context is the integration of customizable scheduling options. True effectiveness emerges when a time and attendance system can adapt to varying needs, accommodating different time zones, work patterns, and project timelines. This flexibility ensures consistent meeting of deadlines, regardless of team members’ locations or project specifics.

Real-time updates and analytics play another critical role. Offering immediate feedback on time allocation to team members enables productivity adjustments, while providing managers with a comprehensive view of progress facilitates informed decision-making. Real-time data is fundamental to adaptive project management, allowing teams to remain agile and respond to changes without sacrificing deliverable quality. Customizable scheduling and real-time updates form a robust framework for timekeeping, catering to diverse needs while ensuring reliability and efficiency in project execution.

In the dynamic landscape of business, growth and adaptation are essential. Time clocks, critical yet often overlooked components, play a pivotal role in supporting operational integrity amidst expansion. As companies grow, their teams diversify, and operational demands evolve, time clock systems have transitioned from mechanical punches to advanced biometric and cloud-based solutions. These technologies not only track attendance with precision but also offer insights into workload management, team productivity, and operational efficiencies.

Adaptability is key to time clock evolution, manifested in their integration with various business management tools. From remote tracking to payroll integration and predictive analytics, modern time clocks offer advanced features tailored to evolving business needs. Flexibility and customization are central; companies can choose systems aligning with industry requirements, team sizes, and growth projections. Cloud-based solutions facilitate effortless scalability, while advanced security measures prevent time theft and ensure data integrity. As businesses navigate growth and changing team dynamics, time clocks emerge as pivotal tools, shaping the future of workspaces by sculpting efficient and adaptable operational frameworks.

Integrating time tracking systems into existing operations requires a meticulous approach, combining technical proficiency with an understanding of human dynamics. The journey begins with a thorough analysis of current workflows and technologies, laying the groundwork for integration. Identifying team needs and challenges alongside technical specifications informs the selection of a compatible time and attendance solution.

Effective communication and technical preparation are crucial during integration. Involving key stakeholders early fosters engagement and addresses concerns, while tailored training ensures proficiency across departments. Data compatibility and secure migration strategies are paramount technically, with rigorous testing mitigating disruptions pre-launch. Post-integration, feedback collection and continuous support optimize system functionality, fostering a culture of improvement.

User-friendly time tracking software, accessible across devices, revolutionizes productivity landscapes for teams. Empowering team members with schedule autonomy fosters accountability, nurturing transparent time logging that reveals task allocation insights. Identifying inefficiencies enables informed decision-making and resource reallocation, while data-driven recognition motivates teams toward cohesive, efficient workflows.

In summary, implementing a time and attendance system with unmatched flexibility enhances productivity, reliability, and adaptability within teams, shaping a future where seamless integration and user-centric design drive operational excellence.

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